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Quinn and Darcy loading The Decoy Trailer after a morning shoot

Loading The Decoy Trailer after a morning shoot

With a combined 75 Years of bird hunting experience the Guide Staff is the most  experienced on The Canadian Prairies .We all have worked together now for several seasons , we know how we each “roll” At the end of The Day you will not find a more committed Guide Staff …anywhere .

                                          Dave Brown -Outfitter and Guide    

Outfitter Dave Brown ,Cruz and some huns

Outfitter Dave Brown ,Cruz and some huns

Dave began guiding Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunts in Alberta in 1998,then in Saskatchewan in 2000.Since them  then he has hunted Upland Birds in Alberta ,Saskatchewan, British Columbia , Montana ,Wyoming,New Mexico , Arizona,Texas, Kansas, Oklahoma and Mexico.Since purchasing The

Saskatchewan Bird Camp Dave has made a big push into Waterfowl Hunting as he feels it is part of the big picture of a Saskatchewan Upland Bird and Watefowl Hunting  Experience ,”after all where in North America are you going see this Fall phenomena ?”Like everything Dave does it’s done right, nothing is spared when it comes to Dave’s commitment to his Client’s,Staff  and Business . His exploits have been written up in Shooting Sportsman , Pointing Dog Journal, The Calgary Herald , The Oklahoman and Outdoor Canada Magazine . Ontop of being an active Saskatchewan Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting  Guide ,Dave is also a Licensed Arizona Hunting Guide ,guiding Quail Hunts out of his    “New ” home of Patagonia AZ.His enthusiasm never wanes , some blame the 5 Years he spent as a Paratrooper in The elite Canadian Airborne Regiment for this .Most agree he landed on his head a few to many  times .All agree you will not find a better Licensed Saskatchewan  Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunting Outfitter.