Saskatchewan Upland Bird And Waterfowl Hunting Guides

Belle is backed by Kate on a Hungarian Partridge find

Over the years Saskatchewan has become a Mecca of sorts for a number of reasons including excellent populations of Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse, fantastic Saskatchewan  Waterfowl opportunities and easy access from the United States.In 2000 Dave Brown Outfitters began guiding Upland Bird Hunts with Pointing Dogs  in S.W. Saskatchewan.In  2006 we added an additional Saskatchewan Outfitter License.This allows us to conduct our Saskatchewan Upland Bird and Waterfowl Hunts in the entire S.W. Corner of the Province.Which is home to  the legendary Saskatchewan Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse Hunting  Saskatchewan is famous for.

Josie Picking up Ducks

Josie Picking up Ducks

Our territories  cover a  variety of geographical features including the Great Sand Hills, The Cypress Hills, The South Saskatchewan River Breaks and the Missouri Coteau. This Short Grass prairie ecosystem is intermixed with Wheat Fields, Coulees, Aspen Stands, Slough Bottoms, Grass covered Moraines, abandoned Farmsteads and Hedgerows. With this variety of habitats, features and Agricultural fields it is no wonder that this part of the Canadian Outback is home to some of the best Wingshooting for Hungarian Partridge and Sharptail Grouse in North America.

A brace of Huns

Dave Brown Outfitters is the first and only Outfitter to utilize Pointing Dogs on The Canadian Prairies  Our highly trained dog team consists of Brttanies and English Pointers .Of course we use Labrador Retrievers for our Waterfowl Hunting.All our dogs spend a great deal of time hunting and training both in Saskatchewan and Arizona.

Covering A Point

Covering A Point

Our  Orvis Endorsed Saskatchewan Bird Hunts  are customized to suit your needs, we limit our capacity to 6 hunters which keeps our guide ratio to 1 guide and two hunters ensuring  your hunt is a success by providing great personal service.Just don’t take our word for it ,we are also represented by top Sporting Travel Agents including Cabela’s Outdoor Adventures.Please read our Reviews.

Josie goes in for the retrieve.

Josie goes in for the retrieve.


 Saskatchewan Duck Hunting Video 


Dave Brown Outfitters Western Wingshooting Adventures.
Whether you are new to the sport or an accomplished wingshooter, Dave Brown Outfitters has the experience, the variety and the Birds to make your hunt a success. Call us Toll Free at: 1-800-453-3991 or Email at: [email protected]

Conditions are looking good for 2018

Hungarian Partridge Covey Point

The 2018 Saskatchewan Upland Bird and Waterfowl Season is looking good. Huns and Sharptails have made it thru the winter.Snow Pack has also recharged the regions’ Potholes which means will have another great Duck Season.Space is limited and the season is short.If you want to take advantage of the best mixed bag hunt our there Contact Us



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You can trigger a battle with the hermit if you steal from his

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